Since my teens, photography has been my passion, maybe an obsession. The camera has been my love since then, part of my life. It’s perfect being able to get up each day, kiss the one you love beside you and then spending the day doing what you love.

When not at work I love a good coffee, nature and camping, take me to the mountains or beach this is my happy place. Travel is another passion, the tastes and smells of a new country stimulates the creative centre in me.  Sitting on top of the Victorian Alps in spring, perfect, the food markets in Cebu, an unbelievable experience, standing in an Italian olive and wine vineyard watching family get married, amazing, photographing a couple as they marry in Fiji sensational or flying into the New Zealand’s snow-capped mountains to capture a couples life long memories, awesome. Photographing the world is a guilty pleasure, along with coffee and nature.

I love nature and placing couples in beautiful light with natural backdrops, this is my style, Natural, Soft Romantic, Timeless, the memories you will keep forever,

10 years ago, my obsession became a professional photography business. Capturing a moment, that smile and unique connection between two people. My life behind the camera is amazing.

I am based on the beautiful Capricorn Coast, but happily travel wherever required,

If you have any questions about your photography please drop me an email